Kerstin SVANBERG  シャスティン スパンヴァーリ/本展野外作品 国際野外の表現2007展 IOE HIKI

Kerstin SVANBERG  シャスティン スパンヴァーリ

Hommage a TDU 100 years
Satoyama breathes Nature and Culture. TDU represents the Culture specialised on science and technology. Negative aspects of science and technology resulting in environmental problems are also high priority for TDU. The president of TDU says ... As we progress into the future, humankind will use all its wisdom to solve the environmental problems...

"Hommage a TDU, 100 years" for also Saving Our World (SOW).

One hundred three-divided strips, where the total length of the white paper in each three-divided strip represents the number of students graduated that year, are hanging from a ring. Inside and below the 3-D graph selected items from the last 100 years at TDU are found.

・1979 - 2007 34 solo exhibitions



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